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Childrens Dressing Gowns Without The Tin Bath

Children’s dressing gowns like all clothing for children modifications in accordance to the fashion industry. Today nearly fashion conscious parents be prepared to be able to dress their children in trendy clothes, the small ones themselves are having really a say as to what they wear.

Childrens dressing gowns

Looking returning to my childhood, I remember coming out of the bath and wearing warm pyjamas and dressing gown before creating a cup of warm Horlicks plus a story before settling into sleep. This is a tradition that my kids are keen to follow, despite it being simple to “ring the changes”.

It’s no longer required to dry off quickly in a cold bathroom heated with the inefficient portable paraffin heater and add the layers, vest, bodice, winceyette pyjamas and dressing gown or when i recall a blanket wrapped throughout the shoulder. And for those that lacked the luxury associated with an unheated bathroom, then the days are gone of bathing in a tin bath in front of the fire.

Today most families have heating as the norm and a duvet has replaced the heavy blankets, eiderdown and often heavy winter coat on top of the bed to keep you warm. Not forgetting the hot water bottle.

However warm and cosy today’s double glazed and centrally heated environments maybe, children still wish to snuggle up on the sofa before bed in a pair of slippers and a dressing gown. Fabric designs for children’s dressing gowns and nightwear stand miles aside from the floral winceyette of the past as well as the thick wool hand knitted housecoats.

You can find really funky children’s nightwear for sleep and lounging in -fabrics including warm and soft lightweight fleece, organic cotton and fluffy towelling robes. Designs can be based on favourite cartoon characters almost daily, popular football teams, animal prints, celebrities and even film or TV characters as well as in any colour under the sun.

Modern mother’s also provide it much easier when the time comes to wash their children’s clothes because the wash tub and wringer are actually replaced by an automated washing machine and soft warm fleece children’s dressing gowns which wash quickly with a cool wash and want no ironing.

Childrens dressing gowns

Just what exactly do they mean when they talk about, “The Good Old Days” surely not draughty windows, tin baths, wash tubs and wringing the washing out by hand and watching the buttons pop off since your children’s clothes go through the wringer” Surely not? LOL


Childrens dressing gowns